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Archives: The Socialite Series

Episode #8

NEW: Refresh Celebrate  Jennalee Dahlen: For many years I have had a deep passion for skincare and the incredible physical, mental and emotional benefits it can create for an individual when it is taken care...

Episode #7

Mountain Sea Adventures  As founder of Santa Cruz's Mountain Sea Adventures, Caitlin believes there are few gifts greater than fostering connection through outdoor adventure. With seven years of experience leading trips for National Geographic in...

Episode #6

  KISS CORPORATE GOODBYE Kimberly Mylls is a master trainer who helps people set and achieve their goals. Following a terrific career in the advertising and publishing world, Kimberly found her true calling as an Independent...

Episode #1 Meet the Team


Episode #5

  CONFORMING AND FREEDOM Robin Holland inspires entrepreneurs to create their next level of self-expression, whether in a new business or pivoting to a new offering that's more aligned with who they are now. As...

Episode #4

FINDING YOUR PLACE IN THE YOU ECONOMY Alayna Nathe is a woman on a MISSION to inspire & empower women to live their most full and abundant lives.... She is a surfer and a mother...

Episode #3

Sabrina Max is the co-founder of a local and successful life insurance agency, MaxLife and she is the founder and owner of Conscious Money. Sabrina is a money mindset master and her sophisticated knowledge and...

Episode #2

  Facing The Green Eyed Monster  Pleasure instigator, Lucia Paxton, believes that experiencing the universe through sensual gratification, winning communication, and a woman's orgasm opens life up to infinite possibilities. Lucia's 15 years of training...
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