Our Mission: discoverHER

To build a resource hub for all women across Santa Cruz and beyond to discover, inspire & celebrate… together.

Our Story: Building Community

discoverHER.life exists because we saw the need to create an alliance of women whose network and friendships could naturally cultivate relationships, a place where authentic conversations take place and your guard can be down. Our goal is to spark bonds between women who are unlikely to know each other and plant the seed of community.

Who We Are:

discoverHER.life, the resource hub for all women across Santa Cruz to discover, inspire & celebrate together. From the Household Director, Stay-at-Home-Mom, the Solopreneur, to the Corporate Executive and the Retiree. With a Women in Business: discoverHER directory, events and resources.  We are the community and platform to support you in business and in life.

Meet the Team

Need some love and attention, someone to hold your hand while you create and promote your business!? You found us.

Monica Karst
Boss of Fun
Michelle Riddle
Chief Connector
Janelle Pierini
Digital Marketing Strategist
Jessica Weigel
Support Specialist
Liz Hodges
discoverHER Blogger
Angela Quan
Woman of the Week Liaison

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