Episode #36

Radio Takeover

with guest host Taylor Boone

I have worked on significant projects over the last 20 plus years as a photographer. Over the last several years I have been mesmerized and moved to my soul watching women transcend in their sessions. A visionary with intent to see the unparalleled view of a woman discovering her fear and transforming them into freedom, wisdom, and beauty. 
“I pour my heart into every single session. I want this experience to be one of the best in my client’s life. From the first time we talk to every time they walk past their portrait, I want a warm and loving smile to great them.  Photographs to me are like air… I can’t exist without it”.
I am often asked ‘Why is it so important to have images in the home?’ My answer “Portraits has this ambiguity of who is reflected in the mirror: the seen and the unseen” as I work I invite the viewer to participate in the intimate triangle of the subject, photographer, and viewer”
One of the greatest compliments I received was in Nashville. I was photographing an entertainer/recording artist and he very carefully watched all my moves. I could feel the glances following me and the look on his face was like he was studying every move. Then with a warm familiar smile, he said: “You remind me of Annie Leibovitz”. I stopped in my tracks and turned to him, gently asked for him to repeat the comment. Not because I missed it. I wanted to look him in the eye when he said it again. He stood up and looked me in the eye “you know who I am speaking of, correct?’ Again he had a big smile and I said yes.
Since I was 13 I have been studying her work from the cover of Rollingstone, Harper Bazaar, and Vanity Fair. I can see the passion, drive and pure purpose she puts into each of her photos. Well, he said it again and I could hear my heart beating in my ears. By my actions, energy, and passion he compared me to one of the greatest photographs of the world. When he saw his photos a few days later I receive a text from his manager as he was traveling and about to hit the stage. The text was being forwarded and it said, “Taylor Boone You delivered!” “I am moved to my heart what you created and how you truly created a masterpiece from nothing”.
I think about that session often as a reminder I am serving my purpose and honoring my client with artwork that they did not expect. I trust my visionary instinct to push myself far beyond and create something amazing… because the subject that is standing before me deserves it!
As an artist, I am deeply responsive to what my clients desire… even if they don’t know.
“Her photographs unfailingly opened a window to the interior lives of her subjects, who range from basketball players, boardrooms, to the mother wearing many hats for her family”  Kendra V.
Taylor is presently taking on speaking engagements, commercial assignments, and on location sessions throughout the world. Her passion for photography, mentoring and teaching photographers, speaking, selling her artwork globally and leading exclusive creativity workshops are just a few things she has her hands in. 

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