Episode #26


Jess Tomlinson helps women coaches and entrepreneurs who have been holding back from putting all of themselves into their marketing, social media and videos for fear of being judged, so they feel safe and energized to show their authenticity in their marketing in a way that is powerful and magnetizes their ideal clients.

She brings over 10 years experience leading branding and marketing for the largest U.S. luxury magazine company and most profitable airline in the world. Jess has been featured for her expert advice on multiple media interviews including NPR alongside renowned spiritual teacher Byron Katie and on live TV. She was also named one of Las Vegas’ top 5 Empowered Women Entrepreneurs and has produced 3 TEDxWomen events. Learn more at: http://jesstomlinson.com

More info on her upcoming events:SEEN

Here’s the link to the Archetype Quiz, Which one are YOU!?:  http://jessicatomlinson.com/quiz

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Facebook @legitlovejess

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