Archives: The Socialite Series

Episode #54: BE BOLD with guest host Doneane Beckom of Bold Radio Station.

Episode #53: Living With Less and Finding Your Haven, with guest host Tracy Squillante of Haven Collective 

Episode #52: Change with Jennalee Dahlen of  yōso wellness spa and Monica Karst of Santa Cruz Socialites.

Episode #51: Real Beauty, Real Change with guest host Alayna Nathe.

Episode #50:  Don’t Quit in the Middle with guest host Melanie Sargent.

Episode #49: A Voice for Kids with guest host: Cita Rasul from CASA of Santa Cruz

Episode #48: Because You Should Know, with guest host Julie Merrell of Walk to End Alzheimers 

Episode #47: Insurance for Assurance, with guest host Edna Vilozny of  Vilozny Insurance 

Episode #46: Sink or Swim, with guest host Tiffany Harmon of Seahorse Swim School.

Episode #44: Stand Up and Speak Up with guest host Clara Minor of  MINORSAN Self-Defense & Fitness.

Episode #43: Power of the Pen, a tool for transformation, with guest host Jessica Johnson: Writer, Poet and Believer in the Power of the Pen.

Episode #42: Manifesting Your Vision with guest host, Valerie Moselle with Luma Yoga.

Episode #41: Protect your Legacy with guest host Shelli Strahle, Attorney.

Episode #40: Eating Disorders, The Powerful Journey Toward Recovery with guest host Dr. Elizabeth Esalen of The Lotus Collaborative.  

Episode #39: Social Media Refresh with guest host Karen Kefauver

Episode #38: Happiness Procrastination with guest host Silvia Mordini.

Episode #37: Stand Tall with guest hosts Rita Rivera and Jenny Call

Episode #36: Living an Empowered Life From the Boardroom to the Bedroom with guest host Jesse Kennedy of Hummingbird Connections.

Episode #35: The Divorce Dress with guest hosts Gigi & Kay

Episode #34: Legit Love ~ What it really means to love yourself AND be in partnership with guest host Jessica Tomlinson.

Episode #33:  4 Pleasure Essentials of a Gratifying Relationship & Sensual Life with guest hosts Lucia & Trevor Paxton co-founders of Luscious L.O.V.E. Life.

Episode #32: Tips for Seasonal Affective Disorder, aka: Post Holiday Depression, with guest host Kayla Garnet Rose.

Episode #31: 7 Things You Don’t Have To Do in 2017 with guest host Janine Avila.

Episode #30: From Refugee to CEO of a Revolutionary Startup with guest host Sherry Dang.

Episode #29: How To Talk To Your Kids About the Birds and the Bees, with guest host Gina Lepore.

Episode #28: Start With Yourself In 2017 with guest host Leta B. Jussila

Episode #27: Compassionate Communication: Holiday Edition with guest Bonnie Primbsch.

Episode #26: Becoming the Creatrix of your Matrix with guest host Lisa Marie McCardle of Inner Wisdom Healing

Episode #25: Connecting the World with a G-Rated Touch with guest host Linda Selby.

Episode #24:  Navigating The Journey of Becoming an Entrepreneur with guest host Carla Brown

Episode #23:  Meltdown Prevention for the Holidays with guest host Krista Thorne

Episode #22: Beauty & Business with guest host Jennalee Dahlen of Santa Cruz Skin Solutions 

Episode #21: Understanding Social Behavior with guest host Dr Cath Byrne.

Episode #20: Unshakeable Lasting Love with guest host Chani Jacobson a Relationship Coach.

Episode #19: How Astrology and Numerology Can Transform Your Life & Business with guest host Denise Elizabeth Byron

Episode #18: Tools to Bring Your Body and Emotions into Balance with guest host Willow Brown of Yin Wellness

Episode #17: Pushing Through My Fear to Live an Authentic Life, with guest host Rebekah Dyana Bodysex Facilitator.

Episode #16: Co-Creating a World Where Everyone Wins with Narayani Gaia

Episode #15: Passion, Juiciness, & Play: The Secrets to Wild Success with

Chinh Pham

Episode #14: A Curated Feast with Elizabeth Birnbaum

Episode #13: Reclaim Your Authentic Voice with guest host: Ariana Lise Newcomer

Episode #12: Freedom Past 50 with Jean Sibley

Episode #11: “Real Talk” the struggles of business, divorce and family with guest host: Nicole Morgan Young.

Episode #10: Pillow Pow Therapy Party with Lakshmi & Genea.

Episode #9: Becoming Unapologetically WOMAN with Yarah Sutra of Unapologetically WOMAN .

Episode #8: Power Over Pain with guest host Bonnie Bea of Beyond Autoimmune.

Episode #7:  Conscious Erotic Touch with guest host Amy Baldwin of Pure Pleasure Shop.

Episode #6: Divorce Toolkit for Women with guest host Attorney Katharine Teuschler Attorney with Greenfield Draa & Harrington LLP.

Episode #5: Using Failure to Propel You Forward with Samantha Ibarguen of Integrated Wellness.

Episode #4: Stop the “Bull Shoulding.” Tap into your Authentic Power with, Amber Campion

Episode #3: Let’s Talk About Sex with Bez Stone

Episode #2 100 Pounds of Enlightenment with JoJo Williams  

Episode #1 Up Close and Personal with Monica Karst