Laurie Aiello

Laurie Aiello refuses to live a life of regretting chances not taken. Our Woman of the Week and fitness coach with Team BeachBody is a self-professed “recovering” introvert whose biggest challenge has been to push herself outside of her comfort zone. Every time she does, she says she gains more confidence and willingness to try new things. “I’ve learned that the most rewarding experiences have come from those things that scare me the most… We aren’t going to be good at everything we do, but if we don’t try and take a risk, then we’ll never know.”

A mother first, Laurie has always put her family’s needs before her own. Originally from the East Bay, she graduated from UCSC with a degree in Psychology and returned there to work in Human Resources before deciding to become a full-time mom. Later on, she began to have a sneaking suspicion she was neglecting herself and her own health, but she didn’t know how to change that and take the time for herself that she so desperately needed.

A few of her friends eventually dragged her to the gym and she began working on her fitness while her kids were in school. She stuck with it and slowly fell in love with how it made her feel. But she still struggled with dieting; she knew it wasn’t sustainable and that nutrition was something she needed to figure out. That’s how she discovered the community of Team BeachBody. Laurie then jumped on the opportunity to start a home business while helping people with the very issues that she’d grappled with herself.

“I absolutely fell in love with the idea of helping other people get healthier and learn about how to eat, not diet, in a way that modeled what I wanted my own kids to learn. I wanted them to love their bodies and keep themselves fit enough that they can participate in any sports or activities that bring them joy.”

Laurie sees so many people in our community who are looking for ways to make a difference, bettering the environment and helping others. “Considering that we have one of the largest numbers of non-profits per capita than any other county speaks to people trying to make a positive difference in the world around us. It starts with ourselves though. We can’t help others and neglect our own health at the same time.”

Quirky by nature, Laurie isn’t afraid to show it. She openly shares her obsession with musicals, her imperfect parenting, her emotional side when she feels that people are being unjustly treated, her political stances, her “twisted” sense of humor, and her love of food. She’s inspired by people who persist despite challenges—one of her favorite songs is “Defying Gravity” from Wicked.

Laurie deals with fear by looking at the bigger picture. “I usually think about what it will be like AFTER I get through whatever it is that I am afraid of.  Time moves on so I know that whatever I am afraid of will pass soon enough.”

So please join us in celebrating Laurie Aiello: HER story is OUR story. Thanks for your inspiration and words of wisdom, Laurie!

Find her on Facebook: @laurie.aiello

Written by our discoverHER blogger: Liz Hodges