Are you ready to find your TURN ON?

There is a  stark difference between desire ALONE and desire coupled with WILLINGNESS. 

“It’s terrifying to surrender, and terrifying to become greater.  Far more terrifying than staying small.  It is the ultimate hair-raising adventure to toss your saddle astride the unknown and gallop in the direction of your desire.  But there is no more spiritual alive way to live.” – Mama Gena

I remember the days when I resisted the deep calling that was within me.  I would lean in a little bit, and then I would pull back, afraid of the unknown.  I didn’t yet know that the path of sexual healing was a path to wholeness.

At that time, I continued to blame my partner for not “fixing it” by turning me on.  The longing actually left me feeling angry and resentful. I literally would agree to have sex with him, get into bed, turn my back to him in a spoon position and just lay there, waiting for him to turn me on!  I was so shut down!!!  I had the deep longing to experience something else, but I just couldn’t see that I was actually unwilling to create something else.

Often when we are experiencing emotions like rage or resentment, they are projections onto others.  They can also be rooted in unresolved trauma.  What I learned over time was that I was angry at myself, I was regretful for decisions I had made in the past, I was pissed about things that had happened to me.  I was frustrated that I didn’t know what I wanted and I was annoyed that my partner wasn’t delivering it… whatever it was.  I had bought into the story that my partner was supposed to be able to “turn me on” and if I wasn’t turned on, then HE needed to do something different.

The good this is that I was WRONG!

I learned that my turn on came from within ME!  My turn on was MY responsibility. I had full control of my body, my life, my pleasure and my healing… and so do YOU!!!

Everything you want is right within your body NOW!!! 

Are you ready to find your turn on? 

Are you ready to let go and be WILLING?

Your pleasure, your joy and your true purpose are ready to be discovered!!!  Become willing and curious, become an explorer!

I am sending you a wish for WILLINGNESS!  Stay curious and willing and the path will show herself.  If you are ready to explore that deep longing and find your TURN ON, book a call with me. Kristina Campbell Coaching

Kristina Campbell, is a sexuality and empowerment guide. She is inspired to help women cultivate their authentic sexuality as a means of healing, wholeness and connection with spirit.