Episode #9

How to be a Badass in 2018 with Meghan Neeley

Meghan Neeley is a mentor for women who know they’re meant to be their own badass boss. 

She guides you every step of the way in your first year of business from clarifying your big vision to creating your brand, and crafting your workshops and courses that serve your ideal clients while celebrating your unique gifts. She shows you how to grow your impact and income on your own terms… while living a luxurious, purposeful, life. 

Blending nearly 20 years of yoga teaching experience with 10 years in coaching and management, Meghan is an international speaker and founder of Be Your Own Badass Boss who treats business as the ultimate spiritual path.

Here’s the link to the “Ride the Wave” Facebook live mentioned. 

Her Website: http://www.badassbossbootcamp.com/

Find her on Facebook: @badassbossmeghan

Instagram: @meghanneely

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