Meghan Neeley

Meghan Neeley, founder of Be Your Own Badass Boss, is an international speaker and business coach who’s grown a multiple six-figure company by mentoring women in business, helping them to turn their passions into profits. She believes you really CAN have it all, when you think like a boss. And she wants you to know that she has the same kinds of doubts and fears that you do, but what matters is making your vision bigger than your fear.

“What inspires me is knowing that the only limits we experience in life are those we place on ourselves.”

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Meghan has always loved being near expansive bodies of water. The first time she went to the ocean, she knew a part of her belonged to it. Discovering a passion for yoga early in life as well, she started teaching it at 18, and she studied psychology in college.

“I knew I wanted to guide people through a process of deep transformation.”

Meghan planned to move to southern California, but as she puts it, “the universe had other plans.” She was hired as a manager at Lululemon in San Francisco, where she was able to further her experience in leading and inspiring people. This put her on a more focused path toward coaching people in business. She was good at helping people market themselves and she began working with an international yoga teacher and a life coach, taking some of their clients on as well.

When Meghan discovered Santa Cruz, she knew it was the home she had been searching for. After moving here five years ago, she stepped out on her own as a mentor for women in business. Rather than doing it all for them, her niche became showing them how to have it all. Under Santa Cruz’s sleepy beach town surface, she discovered a sort of “underground” entrepreneurial culture.

“This community is incredibly supportive and uplifting.”

Meghan’s work can place her behind a computer all day. What really helps her balance this is getting out and moving her body and being outdoors in expansive spaces: near the ocean or in the forest.

“I never take the ocean for granted.”

She loves going to S Factor pole dancing classes. Much more than pole, she says these classes really help her drop into the feminine—the anger, the sadness, the joy—all of it. Having an outlet like this helps her move through all the emotions of being an entrepreneur.

“People can look at a brand and think, ‘Oh, that’s someone who’s totally confident.’ But I have the same kinds of fears and doubts that everyone has, I just ask a different question. Rather than focusing on the fear, I ask, ‘How do I make my vision bigger than my fear?’ I only look at failure as not trying. If something doesn’t meet my inner expectations, I ask, ‘Did I do everything in my power?’ If I know I held back, that’s where I can improve.”

To learn more about how to Be Your Own Badass Boss, you can download Meghan’s 10 step checklist. And please join us in celebrating our Woman of the Week! HER story is OUR story.

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Written by our discoverHER blogger: Liz Hodges