What is Personal Style?

If your intention is to be more comfortable, appear more credible, visually interesting and appealing to those you encounter….read on.

“When you repeat, not compete with the geometric shapes found in your body, you express the fascinating design pattern that you were born with.” Jennifer Butler

As someone with the title of Personal Stylist, my job is simple, right? I have to know what’s “in”. However, as indicated in the title ‘Personal Stylist’ – it is very….well, personal. Although certainly my duty is to know and understand the ever-changing trends as well as be highly proficient in putting together varying patterns, textures and colors, sometimes the hardest but most rewarding aspect of my job is pulling out the ‘personal’ in my job as a stylist.

Many clients come to me and say they want to update their style, or perhaps want to appear more ‘put together’ because they are going to have increased visual exposure in public. These are relevant concerns. But sometimes what they don’t know is that increasing familiarity with their own inherent design is a key to appearing more credible, put together and literally more comfortable in their own skin. Having an effective and successful personal style goes well beyond wearing what is trending, or simply functional. There is an art to dressing well. And that art is largely created with an intimate knowledge of one’s own design blueprint.

Take line for example. Each one of our faces is composed of a series of lines. We can have primarily straight lines in our eyebrow, nose, lip and jawline. It is also possible to be very angular, or very curvy. Think a high arched brow versus one that is straight across. Some of us have large facial features comparative to the size of the face (Sophia Loren) while others have smaller (Brad Pitt). Each of these attributes influences how an item of clothing will land on us.

Whether you are new or very experienced with personal style, next time you choose an item to wear ask yourself, “How does this garment relate to my own architecture?” If you find yourself loving how something looks on you, see if you can identify why. It may be the color or the structure of the garment. It’s possible that the material or perhaps even the pattern is what really works for you. Regardless, there is a visual reason for the positive visual impact.

And that is why I have a job. Successful stylists know how, with a trained eye, to ‘see’ these relationships and to identify the best ones for each person’s unique body architecture and coloring. Understanding and exploring this through having your color fan, figure analysis and unique style blueprint are the components to building an effective and exclusive personal style.

Kathryn Griffin, Founder & Owner of K Griffin Style

KG educates women and men to authentically and effectively dress to create successful experiences in all aspects of life. Love the skin you are in!