Jami Majewski

If you’re looking to prioritize a little self love this Valentine’s Day, this week’s woman is here to give you what you need…even if it requires getting up at five in the morning to work out. The dawn is so romantic, no? Jami Majewski is self-admitted lifestyle junkie bringing discipline and commitment to both her business and her clients. During our first moments chatting –when she breezed in effortlessly with a newborn and a protein shake– it is clear that she is a driven, no-nonsense self-starter here to instill order in your chaotic life. From workouts and nutrition to personal development and self-care, Jami’s skills and background as an adult educator can make real the best version of yourself. And it all began with the answer to the question “How can I take all my creative outlets and experiences and channel it into one thing?” After moving away for the first time from her home town in Fremont to settle in Scotts Valley with her husband and kids, Jami was forced to confront both a loss of community as well as a major career shift. Having spent the last fifteen years working as a teacher and assistant principal, she was struggling to identify her transferrable skills and apply them to a new project. “One of the biggest things for me in moving was leaving my family and my friends and my community. I realized it was something I had always taken for granted because they were always close by. Moving here I had nothing and no one.”

In Santa Cruz, she found a way to bring together her training as an educator with a commitment to health, fitness, and lifestyle wellness by incorporating her experiences working with Doterra and Beach Body. Both programs operate on a network marketing business model, which by definition requires its users to come together and provide consistency and accountability.

Jami currently offers several programs, all of which operate on an open enrollment basis. If you are considering trying something new, there’s no need to wait. Each person begins with the same onboarding program –where she will walk you through how to make the best changes– but ultimately you set your own pace. She uses a tough love approach, and much of what she explains applies equally well to fitness and to maintaining your own business. There are no excuses to be had here. You need thick skin, good time management and a continuous desire for self-improvement. While you might think you need a cheerleader, Jami advocates heavily for coaches in all aspects of life. And she lives her own advice, working with business and lifestyle coaches to refine her brand and spending hours each day listening to podcasts and reading books.

Similarly, you will have to pull deep from your own wells of dedication to overcome the frustrations that will certainly come along. In fact, Jami often has her students create lists that identify likely obstacles to their goals so they can strategize how to overcome them.

“You really need to know your ‘why’ and why you’re doing it, because that’s what will keep you going. Otherwise someone will tell you no or you’ll have a bad week or a bad day and you will want to quit.”

In business and life, there is no getting around a hard truth: we will be confronted with change or difficulty. There is rarely the chance to prepare. To Jami, these are defining moments in life which should be embraced.

“I’ve crashed hard and fast so many times. We all have a turning point where we have to decide what we’re going to do. I was a college athlete and a straight-A student, and then I became a teacher. Now running a business is the new challenge. The older you get, the more scary life changes are. But you will always need to reinvent yourself and try new things. There are people out there who can support you through it all and you don’t have to suffer.”

Jami is currently working to bring her various interests under the umbrella of the Jami Majewski lifestyle brand. Moving into 2019, she is looking to create classes around wellness, fitness, and business management. In addition, she will be launching a line of apparel called Sun Mountain Soul.

“I’m just creating and I’m not stopping. I never say no and I take as many opportunities as I can.” Reach out to her through her Instagram, Facebook, or her website, and stay tuned for upcoming events!

Website: jamimajewski.com

Facebook: @vibesbyjami

Instagram: @jamimajewski

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