Amanda Heidt

Amanda is a Marine Science masters student at Moss Landing Marine Labs as well as a freelancing writer and science communicator living in Santa Cruz, California.

While she is primarily interested in stories covering the environmental sciences, she also enjoys the jack-of-all-trades aspect of freelancing that allows her to learn new things with each new piece. Here at, this means exposure to passionate and engaging women entrepreneurs who are going after what they want and investing in their community.

In addition, she has written for KQED’s Science News and Deep Look, Stanford News, and maintains the Moss Landing Marine Lab’s blog.

Having moved over 30 times in her life, the last decade spent in Santa Cruz (from the west side all the way over to Aptos) has felt like coming home. To be able to walk the beach or stand beneath redwoods in the same afternoon is a reality unique to this part of the world. You can follow along on her adventures on Instagram (@Scatter_Cushion) or on her website.