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We celebrate Erin Hall. Erin lives a life of grace, HER story will truly amaze you.

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Is there a link between emotions and cancer?
After enduring three heartbreaking tragedies in her family, Erin Jessica Hall felt something inside of her just turn off. Her body was suffering due to the grief she was enduring. At the same time, Erin began to feel something was wrong with her left breast. Her doctors were skeptical at first, but it turned out Erin’s intuition was correct… cancer.
With two beautiful daughters still looking up to her, Erin refused to believe the death sentence she was given no matter how grief-stricken she was. After being drawn to the extensive emotional support program at Hope4Cancer, she began to transform in more ways than one.
Watch below and see Erin’s raw and emotional story. Learn how she was able to overcome her fear of grieving and finally let go of both the physical and emotional pain. Her story will amaze you!

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  1. Erin is a radiant vibrant soul and loving force to be reckoned with!! I know Erin from Aerial and she is beautiful rope artist who performed with my daughter Nubia. If you get the chance to see Erin in action, your heart will be filled with more than joy, love, and admiration…Erin I love you with all of my heart and the gift that you give to those who know you is soul touching!! Thank you for sharing sister, you’re a brave little warrior! Kisses and hugs my friend:)

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