Episode #64

Finding Strength in Your Struggle with Carina Reid

Carina Reid strives to help others tap into their true potential. She believes that exercise is the fuel that feeds the body mind and spirit. Fitness has saved her life and has helped her through some of the darkest times. June 5th she celebrated 12 years clean and sober and truly believes she would not be where she’s at today if it wasn’t for fitness!

She started her career at Toadal Fitness in 2012 and just won the 2019 title of Best Personal Trainer in the Santa Cruz Good Times. She is the first woman to win in this category. She teaches corporate classes at Plantronics and a variety of classes at Hot Yoga Aptos, including Barefoot Boot Camp which she developed.

When she’s not teaching, she loves donating her time to the physical educational system at Santa Cruz juvenile hall.

Website: fuelphitness.com

Instagram: @carinareid

Facebook: @carinareid

4 thoughts on “Episode #64”

    1. Carina inspires me every day. I get the pleasure of calling her a friend and she always pulls me out of my funks. Suffering from depression, anxiety, and addiction, now 9 years cleans, I can connect to her in ways that I’d otherwise be judged. I love her so much. please go to a class and hire her for training and experience her for yourself.

  1. Carina is a miracle and now our community has a miracle as well. So proud of her and the woman she has become

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