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Rock Your Profile Event

LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network for business professionals, but, most people don’t fully take advantage of it. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social networks when it is actually used correctly. Many businesses attribute new clients, sales, job offers, finding candidates, building professional contacts, business development deals, marketing and more to their activities on LinkedIn. People are searching LinkedIn to assess your credibility — but what do they find? A great LinkedIn profile allows you to put your best foot forward and build your credibility online. 

Thank you to Hive & Hum for hosting us!

Ashton Miyako
Was there taking professional headshot photos, she did an amazing job! Ashton is a professional photographer for over thirteen years. From senior portraits to weddings to the birth of a child,  she loves to create and capture beautiful moments with you. Visit her website:

Andrea Carter
Is a mom, a wife, a full time Mobile Notary business owner and an wine-trepreneur. 
She runs a home based business in the wine industry. Customers enjoy a monthly wine tasting club subscription where they send members different wines from boutique wineries all over the world. 
Andrea was at the event sharing her DC wine! Visit her website

The professional panel featured Shannon and Jason Weeman talking about how important our LinkedIn account is for our business or career.

Shannon Weeman-McQuain
Connecting Talent with Opportunity at Mixpanel 
I started my journey back in 1999, really seeking out what my career path was going to look like and accidentally but happily fell into recruiting! I quickly learned while supporting a staffing agency’s payroll and administrative responsibilities that I wanted to be a part of matching great talent to the right opportunities!

I have been very privileged throughout my career to work with some very talented people while supporting the hiring efforts of some amazing companies. I’ve learned what a great candidate experience should look like and strive to ensure every candidate I connect with has a stellar experience and regardless of the outcome stays a promoter of the company. I have also been very lucky to meet some wonderful people all over the world from North America to Asia Pac to EMEA. 

My journey continues and whether that is recruiting great talent or taking the knowledge I have gained throughout this amazing journey and applying that elsewhere, I will be happy! I love what I do, I love what I’ve learned, I love sharing and coming up with new ideas and I love helping companies and people find each other.

I am always looking to network so please don’t hesitate to reach out! I may not always have the answer your looking for but I am always willing to help where I can.


Jason Weeman
Investing in our Sales Leadership at LinkedIn
Throughout my career I’ve looked for opportunities to impact the way the people think, learn and feel. I’ve wanted to build meaningful relationships by creating experiences that are inspiring and transformational. 

This interest has developed over time and regardless of the role, has been the foundation for my professional identity. I am a culture creator and brand ambassador who believes in empowering others to experiment with their passions.