Love On Your Virtual Home

By Kelli Preston

Brand Strategist, Web Designer and mama of two.

I was an interior design major in college because I’ve always been obsessed with decorating, organizing and cleaning spaces. OBSESSED. ⁠

Ironically I had to drop out of that major because I failed CAD (twice). CAD = Computer Aided Design. ⁠

I am infatuated with making space sacred. ⁠

Every home I’ve ever lived in I’ve curated my environment down to every last detail. To me where we reside creates our life. ⁠

And your digital home is no different. ⁠

Your website gets to be the place where you untangle all of those ideas in your head, so you clearly know what you’re offering, so you can convey that to your people. ⁠

It gets to be the place that you decorate in the way that mirrors all of those outfits, kitchens, and quilts you’ve pinned. ⁠

It gets to be the place that pays homage to all of the certifications, courses and credentials, so you remember you do know enough. ⁠

It gets to be the place that reminds you of why you’re doing this as you’re refunding a client and trying to set up a fucking funnel. ⁠

And because there’s NO TIME like the present to love on your virtual home, I created a solution to making it as easy as possible… ⁠

INTRODUCING JUNE BUG :: A website design course that takes care of the design part, too. ⁠

You are given the design through editable templates and guided through the construction of it with step-by-step videos. ⁠

You get to make it all your own through bringing in your colors, content and photos.⁠

YOU GET TO LAUNCH IN DAYS, NOT DECADES with a website that feels like HOME. ⁠

Learn more and see this beauty at the #linkinbio⁠ and in my stories⁠ on IG: @hey.imkelli