March 28, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Food Lounge
1001 Center Street

It’s a tea party! Taste sensual bites prepared by Chef Andrea Mollenaure, Sip infused tea. Get ignited by our fabulous speakers. We have something for all your senses.

Kristina Campbell:

Kristina Campbell is on a mission to bring women the most valuable content about sexuality, relationships and healing, so that all women can experience sexual healing and a NEW way of living and relating.

Kristina will be touching on Self-Love and Permission to SEE yourself.

Lucia Pavone:

Lucia Pavone teaches the art of sensual pleasure to women around the world. She hosts a weekly educational livestream on, a pleasure based sex education website, which has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Glamour and went viral on NOW THIS. She is dedicated to sharing the lost art of sensuality.

Lucia will be using eb and flow of sexual energy to engage your senses. Taste and Smell. A food tasting experience in tandem with Chef Andrea of the Food Lounge.

Ellice Apostolos:

Ellice empowers every woman to connect to her body’s innate wisdom and pleasure so she can move through the world in​ her​ fully expressed radiance. As a certified​ S Factor instructor, Ellice offers deeply transformative trainings where what begins as a personal erotic movement practice within the studio walls can become a sustainable practice that enriches every area of life.

Sexy is an attitude, a state of mind, a feeling of freedom and radiance. It means feeling good in your body… energized, confident and clear minded. It means feeling powerful in your visibility and clear with your message. It also means being tapped into your feminine genius, creativity and pleasure. This is what Ellice teaches in her Radiant Woman Immersion program designed to bring women entrepreneurs back to their feminine power so they can avoid burnout and show up as authentic leaders. She will be taking us through Touch and Hearing with a feminine movement practice!

If wearing a dress and putting on a hat calls to you, we promise, you won’t be the only one!