Episode #71

It’s Time! with Monica Smith

Here is what I want:

I want all women owned businesses to be in the discoverHER directory Here’s the link to your gift a FREE directory listing!

I want every listing to have at least three reviews

I want to do weekly giveaways

I want YOU to have your own radio show

I want you to download our website on your phone’s home screen

I want Ambassadors

I want you to subscribe to our radio show

I want you to share-like-and-comment!

Here are the steps I take to live my life by design:

Step one:

Get a new journal every year, start out with a new one.

You have to write it down!

Goals + Habits & Values = Your Dream Life

Step two:

Reflection: Learn and Grow, check off all the goals/dreams you competed Be sure to celebrate them!

What happened last year? What were the good things? What could you have done better? What are you proud of? What vacation did you take?What new shoes did you buy? Concerts you went to, events you attended, a conversation you had, a letter you wrote, inspiring books you read, new hobby you started, new skill you learned, what was so exciting you wanted to share with someone else?

If you already keep a journal you can pull out your journal and flip through the pages. If you don’t have a journal pull out your phone and go through the year of photos. You’ll be amazed at what you forgot!

Step three:

Dream Drip: the secret, there are NO RULES, just write it down! Draw it, list it, doodle it. Whatever works best for you.

What do you want in this new year? Money is not a object, don’t let it stop you… just DREAM!

What are you passionate about? What charities do you want to donate to?Want a new car, washer & dryer, a facial every month? Want to buy a house, second home, vacation home? What vacations you want to go on?

Think about your financial goals, how much money do you want to make, whats your dream job or business? What selfish things do you want to do for yourself? What spa day do you want to go on? Want to play a new sport?Want to play an instrument? Want to start a family, have another baby?How about start a new hobby or take an art class? Finally start that new workout?

Step four:

Take your top ten goals and create habits.

Crate a system and a plan that’s going to work for you. Find accountability partners to keep you accountable. Here’s a simple example for you. I have drink more water on my 2020 board so my system/plan is I put a pretty glass jug on my kitchen counter with a fancy water filter in it. Filled it with water. Now I see it all day and drink water throughout the day. Another one I have is to start eating more fresh veggies again. My system/plan is I bought a ton of veggies and have them on hand ready to eat.

Here’s your mantra:

I must do (blank) to become (blank) or I must do (blank) to get (blank)

The first (blank) is a verb, your action to become or get. You are doing something – taking action. The second (blank) is a noun, that’s your goal. What are your daily action steps to achieve your goal!?

I must do (blank) to become (blank) or I must do (blank) to get (blank).

Examples: I must change my eating habits to lose ten pounds. Or, I must find friends who play tennis to start playing tennis again.

You’ve got this and I’m here to help. If you want more, join us on Sunday for the dream BIG event. Here’s the link for the tickets. If you are looking for an accountability guide I’m your gal, I have room for a couple of spots opening up. Connect with me at [email protected].

And remember EVERY day is a day to celebrate!



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