Are Old Stories Limiting Your Sexuality?

We ALL tell ourselves stories, our lives are made up of the stories we tell ourselves and they are often governed by the stories we live over and over again.

Maybe it is the story of how you don’t have any good friends, or the story about, if he really loved you he would know what you wanted and needed.

Be wary of the stories you tell yourself.

These stories become your beliefs and they actually create your life.  When you have a belief, your brain seeks evidence to affirm that belief.

One of the old stories I tell myself is about being unsupported.  When I feel overwhelmed and unsupported, my mind starts figuring out all the ways the my husband is NOT helping…. it doesn’t go seeking out all the evidence that he IS helping.

A belief is a thought that you no longer question and a limiting belief is a thought that you no longer question, that is limiting what is possible in your life.

How many of the stories you tell yourself are limiting what is possible in your life?

One of the most common stories that I find women have around sexuality is the story that they need a partner to experience amazing sex.  This is NOT true!  This is a just the way we have been socialized around sexuality.  Not only have women been socialized to feel that self pleasure is dirty and wrong and something to be hidden and ashamed of, women have also been socialized to believe that their sexuality is for the pleasure of their partner and that the orgasmic potential of a woman is to be coaxed by the virtuosity of a partner.

Although it is wonderful to encounter a masterful lover, it is quite limiting to our sexual expression if we believe that we NEED a masterful lover to be sexually expressed and experience fantastic heights of pleasure.

I invite you to investigate the stories you tell yourself and pluck the stories that do not serve you.  Pull that weed right out of the garden and choose to plant something new!

You create your reality with the stories you tell yourself, make sure you are telling a GREAT STORY! 

Comment below and tell me a story you are going to DITCH and replace with an empowering story.

Sending you so much love and juicy pleasure.

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Kristina Campbell, is a sexuality and empowerment guide. She is inspired to help women cultivate their authentic sexuality as a means of healing, wholeness and connection with spirit.