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    Jamie Noble is the owner of Sportsmedx and Founder of the Noble Pillow. Jamie obtained her Sports Medicine/Athletic Training B.S. degree in 1998 from which she developed a fitness system trademarked Sportsmedx. She has over 15 years of experience in injury rehabilitation, athletic performance, muscle building, physical therapy, and proper body mechanics.

    Since 2006, Jamie has owned and operated the Sportsmedx facility, an intensive and highly effective sports medicine based personal training studio in Santa Cruz. She has built a solid base clientele of dedicated performance based athletes, novice athletes, musicians, and health care practitioners who also teach the Sportsmedx method.

    In 2016 Jamie founded the Noble Pillow, a luxury brand pillow company, and manufacturer of the finest ergonomically designed luxury bed pillows and pillowcases. The Noble Pillow was designed by Jamie after she observed client’s hard work sabotaged by inadequate pillows. The few mediocre therapeutic pillows available were not comfortable nor were they made from healthy, high-end materials. She knew there was a better solution. After hundreds of hours of research, numerous prototypes, and data collection from test subjects, the perfect custom pillow was born.

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