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    Alayna is a longtime resident of Santa Cruz who has spent the last 30 years of her life enjoying the spoils of this incredible community and all it has to offer. She is an athlete (avid Surfer, Hula Dancer & ex- Roller Derby Player) and has a deep passion & knowledge in the realms of Health, Nutrition and Fitness. Since the late 90’s she has been building her small business portfolio as a busy entrepreneur and has seen first hand how important Total Body Nutrition and Wellness is to help us thrive in our hectic environments.

    She is Northern California’s Founding Ambassador & Team Leader for QSciences Total Wellness Product Line. Q Sciences products draw from an extensive knowledge of biological processes and nutritional science to help purify, optimize and protect both mind and body. As you strive for purpose and happiness, all parts of the body are involved in the ports. QSciences products address each major aspect of your health, from Brain Function, Vascular Health and Proper Nutrition to Energy, Adequate Sleep & Exercise.

    Alayna looks forward to connecting with all of the amazing members of this community and sharing our dreams and visions for the future of Women in Business in beautiful Santa Cruz! Visit her website or reach our to Alayna for more information.


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