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    Stellaria Creative Company specializes in unique methods of engagement marketing, which includes original cirque musical theatre productions; acrobatic brand ambassadors and entertainers; and the “Stellaria Experience” for our tourism industry clients. Stellaria also sells original show packages and scripts.

    Born from the ever-evolving world of entertainment in 2013, Stellaria made the merge into experiential marketing and special events in 2017 when Artistic Director, Jeanette Bent saw a need not being met in the brand marketing scene.

    More About Stellaria Founder Jeanette Bent:
    Jeanette has over 20 years of dance and theatre experience spanning from New York, France, Mexico, Turks and Caicos, to L.A. She has performed in Super Bowl XXXVII, the 2004 NBA Summer League, Disneyland’s “Dance the Magic” Parade, aboard the Norwegian Cruiseline’s Gem and in the “Circus of Nations” show at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. She was contracted to choreograph for the GLEE! Project, a musical production off-Broadway (T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland: The Musical), and most recently She has also worked as the choreographer for an ABA basketball team in L.A., as well as resorts in Manzanillo, Cancun, Turks and Caicos, and Florida, where she picked up aerial dance and acrobatic skills as well as stage managing and theater creation. She returned to New York City to advance her skills in circus, dance and theatre before heading back to California to open up her own studio, Aerial Arts Santa Cruz, which she recently sold to focus on show production and writing via Stellaria Entertainment & Productions.

    Since its implementation in 2013, Stellaria has produced CounterCulture (3rd Annual Santa Cruz Fringe Festival), Back Woods and Steampunk Soiree (Roaring Camp Railroads), Pirates (Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk), Bellasphere, Fantaerial and Orbital Bebop (Louden Nelson Community Center).

    Jeanette also works as a brand ambassador for Continental Tires (ATM Promotions); Esurance, Yahoo! and Rakuten (GMR Marketing); Mars candy (Extreme Marketing); Miele vacuums (Productions Plus Talent); and was most recently asked to manage the team at Google for the Google Pay Activation. Find out more about Jeanette’s performing abilities and bookings

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