Nope! These aren’t reading glasses.

Nope! These aren’t reading glasses. I actually have great eyesight (knock on wood)… these are blue blockers.

Yes, blue blockers can actually be nice looking glasses these days. I was going to get Felix grays but after reading some reviews, I wasn’t sold. I heard for what they are, they were super overpriced and not very sturdy.

My friend @kristinaperrone told me about @eyebuydirect so I turned to them for these awesome blue blockers. They don’t have any amber tint, you can wear them all day long and they were under 30 bucks. Score!

Ever wondered why blue blockers are a thing? Well here I am to tell ya! Our early ancestors did not have screens. They rose and fell asleep to the signals given to them by the sunlight. Sun came up, it was time to wake up, sun went down, it was time to go to bed, which provided a great circadian rhythm.

In today’s modern society, where we are constantly bombarded with tech in the form of tablets, phones, laptops, TVs, smart watches, you name it.  Our bodies are totally thrown off.

The light emitted by these devices is something called blue light which signals to our bodies that its time to be awake, ALL THE TIME.

Some of the benefits of wearing blue blockers includes, preventing damage to the DHA essential fat in your retinal-pigmented epithelium, which is responsible for converting sunlight into important DC electric current your body needs. It has also been noted to help those suffering from bipolar disorder.

Most notably, if worn between 7 pm and 7 am anytime viewing screens, sleep can drastically improve as well as mood. Honestly, I just use them to help me sleep because I am up studying late most nights and was having trouble falling asleep after. When I wear these, those issues go right away! 

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